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5 Realistic Postpartum Goals for 2022

Posted on January 22 2022

Last year was a year of changed birth plans, fear, uncertainty and isolation. Make this one a year of recovery for you and your baby.  Here are some realistic postpartum goals to help guide you through a year of healing both mentally and physically. 

Scratch the bounce back expectations

Did you know that it can be over a year before some mothers feel ‘normal’ again? Give your body time to heal. Each body has their own pace so try not to compare your own healing, growth and progress to others. 

Prioritise rest

Let this year be the year that you view rest as being productive too. No one can run on an empty tank. Rest could look like taking a bath, having a nap or just taking some quiet time to yourself.

Believe that you are an amazing Mother 

You are all that your baby wants and needs. We all feel the mum guilt from time to time, but believe that you are good enough in all that you do.

Love your body 

You grew and birthed a human you incredible warrior woman! Look after your body with nutritious food and water. Look at your body with kind eyes and speak nicely about it. Your words are powerful! Stop the hate talk. Your body created life and the evidence it's left behind tells a beautiful story. 

Set healthy boundaries

Have open conversations with the people around you and respectfully speak up for what you believe in.

Show up and be there for yourself mama! 



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