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How to increase breastmilk supply

Posted on February 06 2022

This is the golden question isn’t it? If you notice a dip in your breastmilk supply, it might be accompanied by feelings of anxiety and thoughts that your breastfeeding journey is about to come to an end. I’ve been there with those exact thoughts and feelings. But what if i told you that it’s actually normal for your supply to fluctuate? 

As your baby grows and goes longer between feeds, your milk supply will adjust to that. But if you’re wanting to give your supply another boost, here are some things that you could try:

1. Remove more milk 

The more milk that is removed, the more your body will make. If your supply is low, you could try increase the amount of times you feed or pump.

 2. Power pump 

Power pumping is just like cluster feeding. By emptying your breasts with a pump a few times back-to-back, it tricks your body into making more milk. Again, more milk removed = more milk is made.

3. Try Galactagogues 

The most concentrated breastfeeding products are our Lactation Smoothie Blends which each contain 6 different galactagogues to really give your body some milk making support. 

4. Keep hydrated 

Did you know breastmilk is over 80% water? Keep hydrated and make sure you're eating well. 

5. Massage and breast compression

Massage your breasts before a feed to help stimulate the milk ejection reflex. While you’re feeding, try compress your breasts to help empty them completely. 

6. See a Lactation Consultant 

A lactation consultant is a great person to talk to if you’re concerned about your milk supply. They are professionally trained to find the cause of your low milk supply and can help you fix it. I highly recommend speaking with Abby or Carmen at Milk and Honey Paediatrics and you can find them at 




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