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Navigating school mornings with a new baby

Posted on January 30 2022

Hello term 1! This school year might look different for many families, especially if there is a new baby accompanying you to kindy / school drop off. It may feel a little daunting if you’ve already settled into a routine without the stress of needing to be out of the house by a certain time.  

This new little addition might also decide to have a blow out just as everyone has their shoes on ready to go. Or wake up from their nap and decide that it's time for a 4th boob breakfast. It’s not an easy task getting a new baby and any older children out the door on time but here are some tips to help make school / daycare drop off a little easier: 

  1. Celebrate if you do actually get out the door on time, its a miracle.

  1. If baby doesn’t want to be put down while trying to get the morning rush done, baby wearing can make them feel more settled as well as free up your arms.  

  1. Pre make lunch boxes, pack bags and get out clothes the night before. Pre make your own lunch as well. This will save you time in the morning as well as when you get home from drop off.

  1. Instead of skipping breakfast, make a smoothie. A smoothie is one of the fastest and easiest ways you can make sure you still have a filling and nutritious breakfast. Our Lactation Blend smoothie mixes are filled with nutrients that even your older children can benefit from. For a delicious lactation breakfast smoothie recipe click here

  1. Try not to feel defeated if you have a morning where everything feels like its going wrong. Know you’re not alone. Take some deep breaths, know that you are doing your best and try fresh the next day. 

You’ve got this mama! xx




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