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Deluxe Iced Lactation Caramel Latte

Posted on December 23 2021

After posting on our Instagram story that i made the most INSANELY delicious iced caramel latte by brewing coffee over ice cream, i received a flood of messages from mummas craving to level up their iced coffee games as well. Bonus! It's also milk boosting. Here's how i did it

1. Add 2 tsp of our Lactation Caramel Latte into a glass. Add a bit of boiling water and stir well so that the latte powder dissolves.

2. Then scoop 2 large tablespoons of caramel ice cream into the glass. 

3. Brew your coffee so that it drips over the ice cream, melting it in the glass. 

4. Add in your milk of choice and a few extra ice cubes to keep cool. Enjoy! 

- To make it extra aesthetic, squirt in some caramel sauce around the glass before you start. Top with whipped cream and enjoy! 



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